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CT Biological Weed And Brush Control Inc - We rent GOATS!

We will be at Eco-kids this year with kids for the kids! Come see our goat kids and learn about how their parents can be rented out to clear your fields, acreage, ditches,embankments (or anything else you can think of). Think of it this way… Goats are also browsers. They love to eat forbs (weeds), brush and bushes. Thorns and plants that most animals won’t eat, are a delicacy for goats. A goats will choose the forbs or brush 85% of the time compared to 13% for grasses. This is beneficial for ranchers looking to maintain the grasses and clovers for thier livestock.

17895 Fargo Road
Wilder, ID 83676

Phone: (208)337-3900

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