Idaho Green Expo
Idaho Green Expo Tracks
The Idaho Green Expo focuses on a variety of areas of interest. Described below, these Tracks offer the perfect way for Exhibitors, Workshop Leaders, and visitors, to find their niche at the Expo.

Greening Your Home:

Our homes provide the ideal opportunity for practicing sustainability on a personal scale. This track will include exhibitors that provide products, services and expertise that would be of interest by individuals for use in their homes. From solar panels and recycled glass countertops to exploring better ways to recycle and save energy, this track will include a wealth of information for homeowners. This Track will provide a focus on products used in your home - how they are made, used and discarded, and how to use that information to make better purchasing decisions.

Greening Your Garden:

This Track is the outdoor version of Greening Your Home. Here youíll find exhibitors that provide products, services and expertise that would be of interest to people who like to work in their yards and cultivate their gardens. You'll see how you can make your yards into more sustainable and fruitful environments. The Idaho Green Expo will show you how to create beautiful yards and gardens, done in ways that are environmentally friendly. Topics will include composting, conserving water, natural pest abatement and much, much more.

Green Building and Sustainable Development:

Architects, Developers, Builders, City Planners - this is the track for you. Here you will find a vast assortment of exhibitors and seminars dedicated to illustrating the bottom line benefits of "going green" in your planning and development. With assistance from members of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), Idaho Chapter, this Track will present the latest trends and available products to help you design and build more LEED certified projects while encouraging sustainable development.

Energy Production & Efficiency:

Energy use is one of the areas with the greatest potential to improve one's ecological footprint. Through efficiency efforts within the conventional electricity paradigm, small changes can reap big savings for home and business owners on their energy bills, but also draw less energy from the power grid. The Idaho Green Expo will help us learn how we can start making better choices, by using less energy, moving towards the use of renewable energy sources like solar, geothermal and wind power, thereby reducing the environmental impacts to our air, water, and land from our current practices.

Conservation & Recycling:

The focus of this track is on conservation efforts, and the concept of "refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle". Attendees can see for themselves the products, services and practices that can help them save energy, conserve resources and save money at the same time. In addition, this track focuses on conservation efforts taking place throughout Idaho and the nation that impact our ecosystems and the planetís overall sustainability.

Food & Agriculture:

What's better - locally grown or organic foods? What are C.S.A.'s? What's all this talk about "Permaculture"? Come find out about these issues, the state of American agriculture and food production, and how you can help to make it better. A healthy, sustainable lifestyle is driven by choices about food. Making such choices involves answering questions about how our food is grown and how that growing process affects the environment, as well as who grows our food and how far our food travels. The Idaho Green Expo will offer insights into the importance of how our food choices affect our health, and of discovering ways of raising food that are less costly to the environment.

Sustainability Education:

What principles should we follow as we make dozens of small decisions each day to reduce our environmental impact? The Idaho Green Expo seeks to empower families, businesses and communities toward the long-term ideal of sustainability. This track highlights schools and organizations that empower our next generation of community leaders through sustainable learning Workshops, Seminars and curricula. With topics ranging from reducing your Carbon Footprint to the importance of Socially Responsible Investing, to finding green jobs, the Idaho Green Expo will illustrate ways in which we can make our lives and our communities more sustainable.


Transportation is one of our society's largest contributors to local air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the problems associated with our country's "addiction to oil". The Idaho Green Expo will highlight more sustainable options in transportation, and encourage us to find alternate ways to get around instead of continuously relying on our personal, carbon-based vehicles. Bio-diesel, natural gas, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles are new technologies that are available today. And there are many under-used, yet "green" methods of transportation that need to be re-emphasized, such as car-pooling, public transit and riding bicycles more often.

Community Action & Involvement:

Come and find out how you can get involved with organizations that promote sustainable practices that affect our community. We will have representatives from government, activist and non-profit organizations offering many ways to get involved and to help make a difference! Meet organizations that are taking action in our community and creating change for our future.

Green Lifestyles:

Being green isn't just about alternative energy and recycling. It's about adopting and living a life that is in balance with nature. Here exhibitors and seminars will focus on helping you find products, services and practices which will promote ways in which you and your family can live healthier, happier and more sustainable lives.

Health & Wellness:

Being green isnít just about alternative energy and recycling. Itís about adopting and living a life that is in balance with nature. Here exhibitors will focus on helping you minimize your exposure to toxins and pollutants by showing you products, services and practices that will help you and your family live healthier, happier and more sustainable lives.

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